Action 38

Sci-Fi Shorts

he loss of her copilot, a sadness too deep for words, enveloped her. Its smothering shock seemed so utterly universal she wondered how she had not just shut down. Breaths still came and went. Her heart thudded on, either unaware of or despite its newfound futility. There was much turbulence. It buffeted and kicked the […]

20 November, 2017

Action 40

Sci-Fi Shorts

anic rising like a silent tide, from the nausea in her stomach through her ribcage, permeating her diaphragm, her ribs, her lungs, her oesophagus, her jaw: it came. Trapped. Trying to escape a group of space soldiers sent to this station to terminate her crew. Now, stuck in a metal coffin. Trapped. Her thoughts seemed […]

26 July, 2015

Action 41

Sci-Fi Shorts

on’t be stupid.” he said, and then, almost to himself “Code is the only language in the universe that means exactly what it says. It’s the truest mirror of reality there is.” “But…” “No. There isn’t a counter argument.” “But humans aren’t like that! They’re n-“ “Humans?” Potar’s eyes flicked up to challenge Rin’s for […]

14 June, 2015