• Safe

    by Simon Thompson

    The people in front of him swarmed as he emerged from the ship. It was like he was a magnet walking out into a crowd of iron filings, all of whom were directing him to barely functioning transports. The quantity of wonder and awe each driver could offer him increased constantly as they all surrounded… Read more »

  • Three Short, Sharp Blasts and War Erupted

    by A.W.

    In March, five months before the season kicked off, NVC had hit the headlines. The channel submitted a bid three times larger than its rivals. Competing networks saw this not as a bold move but rather a “rash” decision by someone on the edge. For NVC CEO Robin Allardyce, it was neither bold nor “rash”,… Read more »

  • End of the Road

    by Simon Thompson

    Hey, how are you doing today?” When I said it, she didn’t even look up. I could see how this was going and I loved it, it cheered me right up. In anticipation of my coming performance, I reached down, picked up a glass and started slowly but deliberately, to polish it. “What’s the access… Read more »