The Last 12 Hours

Sci-Fi Shorts

05:49 AM hen he woke, it was the gravel stitching new designs into his skin that he felt first, before the pain, and the silence and the knowledge that he was dead. Well, not quite, not yet, but he was. In twenty minutes, or two hours, maybe even a whole goddamned day, although he doubted […]

13 September, 2015

Beginning, Middle, End

Sci-Fi Shorts

New Reitra Medical Facility Transcript Universal Date: 24050511 Interviewer: Dr. Iowei-Grey Patient 77 Notes: Patient 77 was exposed to minor doses of theta radiation during recovery of artefact 6453 on the asteroid 1287bx. The following is a transcript of his explanation of events that lead to loss of 65% of the archaeological crew on UD […]

29 March, 2015